Nations Leader in Pet Health Insurance Launches Turnkey Preventive and Wellness Services PAWS for Veterinary Practices

Customizable Plans Designed for the Health of Both Patients and Practice

Brea, Calif. (Jan. 21, 2013) – The veterinary profession used to consider itself a recession-proof industry until the “great recession” changed that perception. Pet owners’ behavior regarding their pet’s medical care has evolved, and Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance, is changing with them. VPI is launching a new service that enables veterinary practices to offer customized monthly preventive care plans to boost practice visits and promote client loyalty.

“PAWS® is a full service, turnkey program that helps veterinarians develop preventive care plans for their practice; and, the best part is that we offer administrative support every step of the way,” explains Carol McConnell, DVM, MBA, vice president and chief veterinary medical officer for VPI. “Practice owners and hospital managers can feel more confident knowing that each phase of creating and offering preventive care plans is supported by VPI PAWS. Feedback from the practices that use the new PAWS program is very positive. They tell us enthusiastically that it is simple and easy to implement.”

VPI has combined their 30-year history of supporting the profession through financing of veterinary services, and a strong knowledge of veterinary practice, to create a service that provides benefits for both practices and clients.

For practices: The VPI PAWS support team will work with practice owners in building, pricing, training staff and selling their plans to clients. The practice will also receive customized materials, including client service contracts, an internet-based system to register clients and track their plan usage, and other marketing materials such as posters, flyers and client email reminders. PAWS handles all monthly credit card billing, management of payment-related issues, and provides downloadable, detailed activity reports.

For clients: The VPI PAWS system provides an exclusive online portal which allows them to view their pet’s preventive and wellness care treatment history, track services on their pet’s preventive care plan and update credit card and billing information. Clients benefit from monthly payment plans that help spread the cost of their pet’s preventive care over time, and they can obtain comprehensive protection for unexpected veterinary care with an optional discounted VPI Pet Insurance policy. There is also a custom toll-free telephone number if they need personal plan assistance.

The greatest benefit of all, however, is for pets. Studies have shown that regular preventive care results in detecting and treating diseases earlier, leading to increased longevity and a better quality of life.

"PAWS builds on our service commitment not only to pet lovers, but to the veterinary profession," adds Scott Liles, VPI’s executive leader. "At VPI, we are continually looking at new ways to help people work with their veterinarian to provide the best medical care for their pets by providing them multiple pet healthcare financing options."

For more information, or to implement PAWS preventive and wellness services, veterinary practice owners and hospital managers can contact a VPI PAWS representative at 888-681-3345.

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